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100,000 notes and I wonder how many people realise this line was improvised by a 7 year old

For those that don’t know, this is a show called Outnumbered. A British show where the child actors are only given guidelines not actual lines so they say whatever feels natural for them to say in the scene. I think only the oldest brother has actual lines. If I remember correctly this girl was the youngest person in the country to ever win a comedy award.

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Amazing Kitten Helps Artist Girl With Autism

Looking at little Iris Halmshaw’s photographs, you wouldn’t think that she was any different than any other 4-year-old little girl. And yet, she is. Iris is on the autism spectrum. The four-year-old girl rarely speaks and has great trouble with interacting with others, but expresses herself through movement and art.
Iris loves to paint. She does so with intense focus and concentration.
Since her diagnosis in 2012, witht he help of many experts, her parents were able to learn about how to help their daughter. Iris changed dramatically in just a short period of time. Although they still have a long way to go with her, they’re having more good days than bad ones. Aside from painting, spending time with her adorable guardian, Thula, a Maine Coon kitten helps her live life more fully.
Thula joins in with every activity, helping keep Iris interested and engaged. Iris’ mom, Arabella, describes Thula as a constant source of amusement and joy even on a grey day.

Check out Iris’ website to see more of her artwork or Follow the Little Miss Masterpiece and her best friend, Thula on Facebook.

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Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman, the first African-American female pilot, on January 24, 1923. Coleman was a 28-year-old manicurist in Chicago when she became interested in aviation. After being rejected by every flying school she applied to, Coleman took the advice of Chicago Defender publisher Robert Abbott and went to France to learn to fly. Before she left, she learned French at a Berlitz school in the Chicago loop and, with financial support from Abbott and her own savings from her work as a manicurist and the manager of a chili parlor, Coleman left for Paris on November 20, 1920. 

Ms. Coleman performed in countless air shows over the years and encouraged other African-Americans to learn to fly before her own tragic death at age 34 on April 30, 1926. Her funeral, attended by 10,000 mourners on Chicago’s South Side, was presided over by the legendary journalist and activist Ida B. Wells.

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